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2013 NEWS

President Obama’s DAV Convention Speech Mirrors MaxiAids’ Longstanding Commitment to
Supporting American Veterans

Farmingdale, NY - August 22, 2013 - Among the key points President Obama stressed in his speech were: resources for aiding America’s veterans must continue to remain available, healthcare for veterans must be complete and easily accessible, and veterans must be given every opportunity to achieve success both in the workplace and in the classroom.

We at MaxiAids Products for Independent Living couldn’t agree more.

Hundreds of thousands of American veterans, either due to injuries resulting from their military service or in the natural course of aging, require - or at least can benefit from - the specialized products MaxiAids distributes.

MaxiAids supplies products for the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing and those with special needs. Our product line includes over 8,000 items such as talking products, magnifiers, canes, Braille items, large print books, alerting and assistive listening devices, vibrating alarms, personal amplifiers, wheelchairs and much more.

Over the past three decades, serving the Veteran’s Administration has been an important focus for MaxiAids, so much so that we have a department dedicated solely to handling inquiries, product questions and orders from the VA.

Plus, with low VA contract pricing, more assistive products get into the hands of the veterans who truly need them. And in light of recent difficult economic climate and ongoing budget cuts, pricing has become more critical than ever.

In the end, our goal is to support our veterans by providing them with the products they need to live more healthy, active and independent lives. We are proud and honored to be the place where the VA shops for assistive products.

Visit MaxiAids’ website or call 1-800-522-6294 for more information.

MaxiAids Team Experiences a Meal without Sight at Long Island Council of the Blind’s ‘Dinner in the Dark’ Event

Farmingdale, NY – May 6, 2013 - Elliot Zaretsky, president and founder of MaxiAids Products for Independent Living , along with the company’s senior management team recently participated in the 5th annual Dinner in the Dark event at The Sterling in Bethpage.

According to the event sponsor, the Long Island Council of the Blind (LICB), Dinner in the Dark was created “as a way of showing the community-at-large that eating does not always require that one see the meal on the plate to enjoy its taste.” And it’s a great way to raise awareness about how visually impaired people function in their everyday lives.

After a brief lesson and some helpful tips on how to efficiently navigate a table and place setting, guests enjoyed a three-course meal, with salad and the main course being eaten without sight. To accomplish this, diners were given sleeping masks and the lights were turned down to ensure they experienced the meal as a blind person does.

After dinner, the lights were brought up and as guests were able to look at their plates to see how they had done. Over dessert they had a chance to discuss the experience.

Read the full story from MaxiAids’ blog to learn more about this interesting event.

MaxiAids Exhibiting at Long Island’s 1st Annual Family Special Needs Resource Expo

Farmingdale, NY - April 10, 2013 - MaxiAids Products for Independent Living (www.MaxiAids.com), a Farmingdale-based provider of items that help seniors, the visually and hearing impaired, and those with special needs, is happy to be participating in Long Island’s 1st Annual Family Special Needs Resource Expo on Sunday, April 14, 2013 at the Huntington Hilton in Melville,NY.

The Expo promises to unite the Long Island special needs community for a FREE, fun-filled and informative day. Families will have an opportunity to explore programs, products, and activities geared to those with a wide range of special needs.

Find out more, including some of the items MaxiAids will have on display. Get more information on the Long Island Special Needs Expo .

To learn more about MaxiAids, see our selection of over 8,000 products, or order a FREE catalog, visit MaxiAids.com or call 1-800-522-6294.

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