Product Announcement: Cell Phone Accessibility

NOW AVAIABLE AT MAXI-AIDS!! Now you can gain the independence you need with this revolutionary new product. You will no longer have to guess what buttons or functions are available when we install this product in your Nokia 3650 or 7650 cell phone. Cell Phone Accessibility is a computer application which makes the mobile phone accessible in different ways and allows its functions to become easily adapted to the needs of the visually handicapped. Cell Phone Accessibility has a powerful voice synthesizer, which allows simple access to all the uses of the mobile phone. Cell Phone Accessibility is designed to work in all new generation mobile phones, regardless of the operating systems they run on. Cell Phone Accessibility does not need any additional external adaptive device to work. Once loaded in the mobile phone it is fully functional. Features: Allows SMS and multimedia (MMS) message to be sent, received and read. Allows entries on the list of contacts to be added, removed and updated. Gives access to the list of calls received and dialing of any of these numbers at the simple touch of a button. Caller ID. Operation of alarms. Access to the call log (missed calls, numbers dialed). Automatic start-up when phone is switched on. Allows ringing tones to be associated with contacts. Reading of battery level and network signal strength. Available in several languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. And many other additional features. Item#: 803650 - $225.95 Available NOW!

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